Farina Food Joint Stock Company

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Industrial cluster – Ha Man Tri Qua, Xuan Lam Commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam


Cleanroom construction and renovation project

Food cleanroom is always a place where high standards of cleanliness are required. The construction and renovation of a food cleanroom reduces the contamination from microorganisms in the manufactured products effectively, improves product quality and production efficiency.

With the heart and desire to bring quality food, Farina Food Joint Stock Company is constantly improving itself and bringing to the community products that ensure food safety and hygiene, quality commensurate with the price.

INTECH Service was chosen as the construction and renovation unit of the food cleanroom and received the trust by Farina.

Wishing to provide maximum support to customers, with experience as a general contractor in building factories and cleanrooms, INTECH Service offers customers a solution to meet all maintenance needs with the following items:

– Measurement, construction and renovation of cleanrooms

+ Measurement, calibration, and optimization of the parameters of dust, coldness, humidity, and cleanroom air pressure.

+ Construction, expansion of clean room, cold storage, operating room

+ Design, change of the functional ground according to needs

+ Consultation, renovation and upgrade of cleanrooms to meet GMP EU / WHO standards, CGMP, ISO, PICS, HS, HACCP, …