INTECH Service is Trane’s Maintenance and Servicing Center in INTECH. We specialize in providing maintenance service and repairing various types of Trane’s air conditioners and systems, including Center Air Conditioner, Floor-Mounted Air Conditioning With Duct Connections, Standing Cabinet Air Conditioners, AHU, FCU, Chiller Trane… We aim to become a reliable assistant in maintenance, optimizing manufacturing and business’s performance for customers.


Bao tri bao duong dieu hoa cong nghiep Trane

Industrial Air Conditioner Maintenance

We specialize in troubleshooting and maintaining various types of Trane Industrial Air Conditioning Systems, such as Ducted Ceiling Units, Floor-Mounted Air Conditioners With Duct Connections, Floor Standing Air Conditioners and RVF Central Air Conditioners. Our service ensures continuous operation of your system and cost reduction.

Bao tri bao duong Chiller Trane

Chiller Trane Maintenance

We are a specialized unit in providing maintenance and servicing for various types of Trane chillers, including water-cooled and air-cooled chillers. We also supply Trane chiller components and cleaning services. Our comprehensive maintenance solutions are tailored to suit your needs while optimizing costs and time.

Bao tri FCU AHU Trane

FCU Maintenance/AHU Trane Maintenance

Specializing in maintenance and replacement of Trane AHUs and FCUs with all capacities, we ensure that the operation of your AHUs and FCUs is always efficient and does not affect production. Our professional maintenance services guarantee a timely and effective solution.


Trane Intech Maintenance Center was established to serve customers who want to maintain Trane’s equipment in Vietnam.

We are the effective support partner of many large customers. Our high-qualified and professional personnel will support customers dedicatedly.

INTECH is a level I distribution partner with available genuine goods and components sources. Our customers will always have the best prices and save waiting time.

We offer repair solutions or cost-saving maintenance packages provided by experienced and specialized engineers that are most suitable for customers.

As a specialized unit, INTECH Service focuses entirely on maintenance services and customer support after maintenance.


If you are having trouble or want to maintain some types of Trane Air Conditioner, AHU Trane, FCU Trane, Chiller Trane… or need answers to some questions, please contact us: