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Production clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, and tissue banks need to be strictly controlled in terms of dust, humidity, and air pressure to ensure the most effective production and research activities. Therefore, the measurement and maintenance of cleanroom systems is an essential activity in the operation of factories, hospitals, laboratories, etc..

When to maintain, upgrade or renovate cleanrooms, operating rooms?

  • Cleanroom has worked for a long time and there is a gap in the ceiling and wall panel.
  • Water stagnation occurs in the operating room, the pressure is not guaranteed, and it is easy to circulate air to the outside environment.
  • Factories need to be renovated and upgraded to meet production conditions according to the decrees and requirements issued by the Government.
  • The factory plans to upgrade the cleanliness level from low class to higher class for cleanroom to produce products with more stringent requirements, export to fastidious markets such as the US, Europe, etc.
  • Businesses have the need to expand and change the functions of cleanrooms
  • The factory has come to the inspection period of GMP, HACCP, ISO, …
  • The clean air system in the hospital is no longer guaranteed, the pressure changes
  • And many other cases and incidents…

What are the benefits of maintenance, upgrade, renovation of cleanrooms, operating rooms?

  • Limiting NG errors on factory output products, ensuring that product quality is always even.
  • Passing GMP, HACCP, ISO assessment…
  • Taking control of the situation, limiting damage to facilities.
  • Timely detecting and repairing errors during operation, limiting production interruptions that cause economic losses.
  • Optimizing the capacity and output of the factory.
  • Minimizing repair costs and prolonging the life of the system.
  • Ensuring production and labor safety for all employees.
  • Ensure that the operation of the hospital is not interrupted and the quality of the operating room is guaranteed.

Categories of maintenance, upgrade and renovation of INTECH Service cleanrooms

With experience as a general contractor to build factories, cleanrooms, operating rooms, INTECH Service is capable of providing customers with maintenance solutions:

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